Competition is my life.

Training and fighting are part of who I am.
My addiction to pushing my body past its limits and proving success has never been so strong and it fires a competitive spirit in me that propels me to the top.

I love the outdoors and what a fierce competitor it is.

Respectful, powerful, and inspiring – traits that are mirrored in me.
Conquering limits against the elements is the true form of conditioning, but my Kickboxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitzu and Submission Grappling have groomed me for raw combat of my mind & soul against another. Winning time and time again is proof of the discipline, sweat & pain put into my preparation.

Influenced and supported by skilled fighters throughout my youth, my family has helped me pave my path to victory and when I settled in at Hayabusa Training Center in 2013 things were no different. 27 metals and a Super Belt in Submission Grappling later my competitive edge has never been stronger. I eat, breathe, & sleep winning. I’ve never been more prepared, more hungry, or more ready.